World Kitchen’s cooking range is rustic to food arts and basic to complex, with artful presentation from simple to bountiful, featuring all sorts of interesting Cuisines and Menu Themes (Please See Below), paired with interesting serving platters and tableware.

Our chefs culinary experience is diverse, including familiar cooking from America, Regional America, Mexico, Europe, and Asia, offering Family Friendly Foods, Fine Dining, The Classics, Farm To Table, & Pop Ups. We also cook many interesting World Cuisines, hence the company name, as we love their global flavors & street food, and all their associated, spices, chiles, ethnic sauces, and hot sauces.

We accommodate special diets, dietary restrictions, and food allergies, including gluten free, in addition to being vegetable centric, cooking a wide range of vegetarian and vegan menu items. Our culinary team includes a chef de cuisine, Japanese sushi chef, cheesemonger, and butcher.

WINTER 2018/2019