World Kitchen strives to offer the highest quality private chef service experience, by being timely, flexible, and dependable. We provide solutions for you, your family, kids, friends, and businesses.

Everything we do is customized for your event, regarding menus, food, service, and atmosphere. We do it all from consultation and planning through clean-up, focusing on all the details. We provide professional service from casual plaid shirt, chef coats, to formal black tie.

Our services are offered with great pride, friendly, fun, and personalized service. Please explore our menus, interesting theme ideas, services, & events. (Listed Below) We look forward to hearing from you regarding your event!


Rustic to Food Arts…Basic to Complex…Simple To Bountiful…Artful Presentation…American… Regional American… World Cuisines… Family Friendly Foods… The Classics… Street Food… Farm To Table… Global Flavors…Chilies…Ethnic Sauces…Hot Sauces…

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 Ingredients With Superior Characteristics…Flavors…Freshness…Artisan Qualities…Extensive List Of Purveyors…Markets… Craftsman…Interesting Product Selection From Land… Sea… & Forests… Seasonal…Tradition…Cultural Roots… Bounty Of The Harvest… Quality…We Support Local…

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Our chef de cuisine, a second generation private chef (his mom), has been performing private chef services over the past 16 years, cooking for a variety of clients from all walks of life, for their families, children, and friends, including entrepreneurs, businesses, actors, dignitaries, and athletes.

David started working in the restaurant industry in Philadelphia & Cape Cod and has a degree in Food Management, focusing on culinary arts & specialty foods. He has a sophisticated palette, diverse awareness of World Cuisines, and extensive knowledge of food ingredients. David is also a cheesemonger, who specializes in cheese, charcuterie, and the related accompaniments.

In his professional career, over the last 25 years, David also has experience in the food service industry, with Campagne Specialty Foods-featuring distribution, a gourmet market, and pasta manufacturing, the World Kitchen & Specialty Foods-a Cheeseshop serving artisan pizza, Montagne Kitchen-a restaurant offering a Chef Table dining experience, and has performed kitchen design services.

David’s food travels have taken him around America, France, and Italy to research and study specialty food shops, restaurants, kitchens, food tradition, and food culture. David has an overall love of Gastronomy, is a forager for mushrooms, and is usually pondering “What’s For Dinner Tonight”?

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With 28 Years experience as a sushi chef, Chef Mikey is well known in Park City for his popular and delicious restaurant Sushi Maru!  Mikey has been a chef at Chef Dance, during the Sundance Film Festival.  He also was opening Sushi Chef and operated some of Utah’s top Sushi Bars over the years, including Happy Sumo and Ahh Sushi.  He apprenticed under Peggie Ince, who trained in Japan, at the beginning of his career.  Some of his signature dishes are Yellow Fin Tuna Nachos, Dragon Scales, Artful Sashimi Plates, and Interesting Crudos.  Our sushi grade fish selections and Japanese products come from some of the top purveyors in America.  Chef David and Mikey team up to create interesting Omakase Dinners.


Professional service from Casual to Black Tie. We do it all from consulting and planning through clean-up.




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