Charcuterie & Fromage

Charcuterie, Fromage Affinoise, Natural Accompaniments, Mustards & Preserves


Passed Appetizers

Maine Scallops “In The Shell”, Two Ways, Hot & Cold, Fisherman’s Sauce

Freshly Shucked, HollyWood Oysters, Granny Smith Apple Ice


Under The Dome & The Ocean Floor

A Single Plated Tasting Of Sashimi, Seaweeds, Pickles, & Fermented Things.


Japonaise Family Dinner

A Kitchen Island Buffet, With A Selection of Meats, Fish, Vegetables,

Soup, Pickles, Sauces & Hot Sauces, That Focus On The Flavors of This Pacific Rim Island.

Dutch Oven Cassoulet Japonaise, Edamame Bean, Wild Shrimp, Miso Shrimp Broth, Aromatics

Cast Iron Skillet Roasted, Grass Fed Beef Flap Meat, Maitake Mushroom Teriyaki, Japanese Long Green Onion

Hire Jiro Monchong, Line Caught Sickle Pomfret, Sizzling Skillet, Gingery Sumo Tangerine Sesame Sauce

Cast Iron Wok Tossed Bok Choy, Japanese Crunchy Garlic

Cast Iron Skillet Roasted, Shishito Peppers, Organic Soy, Bonito Flake

World Kitchen Pickles, Seasonal Vegetables, Global Aromatics, Spices

Matsuri Golden Koshihikari, Premium Short Grain Rice

Fermented Korean Market KimChi


Micro Desserts

Japanese Special Pound Cake, Caramel Ice Cream, Crispy Crunchy Rice

MillCreek Cacao Roasters, Spicy Chocolate Soufflé, Japanese Fleur De Sel