Asian Themed Baby Shower
October 21, 2021
Global & Traditional New Year’s Eve
October 21, 2021

Fall Harvest Birthday Party





Champagne & Charcuterie

(Living Room)

Charcuterie & World Kitchen Pickles


Plated Dinner

(Dining Room)

Mini New England Lobster Shack Roll, Brioche

Maine Bristol Scallops, Baked In The Shell, Mortar & Pestle Fisherman’s Sauce

Cauldron of Pernod Pot Au Feu, Black Mussels, Tarragon

Fall Harvest Cast Iron Skillet Roast of Gourds, Spuds, Tubers, Funghi, Chestnuts

Clementine Tangerines, Shaved Fennel, Tangerine Ice

Chicken Fried Venison, Granny Smith Pickled Apples, Mulling Spice Cider Sauce

Wild Utah Elk Meatballs, Porcini Mushroom Sauce, Mushroom Strudel, Fresh Thyme

Wine Bar Ranch Braised Beef ShortRib, Cassoulet Verte, Mirepoix, Aromatics, Crispy Maitake


Cheese & Dessert

(By The Fireplace)

Formaggio Guffanti, Natural Accompaniments

Study Of Chocolate
Crispy, Poppy, Melty, Powdery, Freezy